#1st Project : The Ice Breaker “Dreaming is the Key to Conquer the World”

Hi guys, I joined Toastmaster a few months ago. After I came for several times. I decided to follow the project. So, here we go, my very first speech project at Toastmaster. Please enjoy…

Dreaming is the Key to Conquer the World

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, fellow Toastmasters & guests, this is an honor for me to present my first project. Now, I’m standing here to challenge myself to speak English in front of people, truthfully this isn’t the easiest thing for me to do. It always feels like butterflies in my stomach, and believe me, it’s horrible. Ugh… So sorry, if I look a little bit nervous. If I can choose, I prefer to write down the English than to speak it. But still, there is no growth in comfort zone, right?

Anyway, the title of my speech today would be Dream is the Key to Conquer the World.

Ladies and gentlement, have you ever been stereotyped by others? Maybe “the quiet one”, “the talkative one?” “the brainiac” ? Some yes some no. Well as for me. I have four brothers and no sisters. Since I’m the youngest little girl, people think that I am spoiled, stubborn, and do not know what a struggle life is. Is it true? Let’s take a look at it.

First, they told me I’m spoiled. Yes, I’m spoiled little girl. If I want something, I must have it no matter how. So, my parents always give me the terms and condition before they give me what I want. For example: I want a new Barbie doll, so my parents make an agreement with me, if I could get in the top ten at the class, they would buy me the new Barbie.

Second, they called me stubborn! I hate it when people judge me. so you know what I did? I tried my best to achieve my parent’s requirements so I will get that Barbie doll! I couldn’t careless what others think.

Third, they say I don’t know what a struggle life is, Yes its true… BUT..only if I don’t challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. Let me tell you a little story about this.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I was little kid, I love watching too much fairy tales, reading so many novels and comic books which makes my fantasy and imagination grow inside my head. From those things I learned a lot about dream, faith, and hope. So, I think that if you can dream it, you can do it. As simple as that. Let me give you an example for this case: It is a fact that I am not a good singer, however, I dream to be on stage and sing in front of people. How come I can do that? Yes, I learned to sing, I joined choir when I was in senior high school. I took it seriously, never missing any practices, and guess what? yess I could sing on stage after I completed the audition! You know how happy I am when I got my first stage? Wooaa.. It was a feed for my adrenaline. So happy! After my first year, I became the lead of the choir team and win the choir competition for several times. I am also a “syekh” or the singer at Saman Dancing Performances.

Ladies and gentlemen. Well That’s me, the spoiled, stubborn, and ‘the one who don’t know what struggle life is’. But I always try to take positivity out of those negative words, and turn myself into a better person by releasing positive energy. In my opinion, to chase your dream, you might be need to be spoiled, stubbord, and be the curious one to know how the struggle life is. Dreaming is the key to conquer the world, no matter what people say…if you dare to dream it you can do it!

Thank you…


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